West Coast Cat and Kitten Rescue

West Coast Cat and Kitten Rescue

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🐈 West Coast Cat and Kitten Rescue 😻

Trap and Return Fostering, Transport and Adoption

Chris Degner of WC Beverage

Chris Degner spends countless hours aiding in the rescue of abandoned and neglected cats and kittens helping provide them with loving and forever homes.

20 years ago I was putting away wine in a storage unit and noticed two tired and hungry cats trying to find food in the parking lot. I went to the grocery store and bought some paper bowls and wet and dry cats food and water and fed them. For the next three years I drove there every night to make sure they were fed. Fast forward to 2021. I’ve successfully assisted in finding forever homes for hundreds of abandoned, neglected and homeless cats and kittens. Starting soon I’ll be launching my own cat and kitten rescue called West Coast Cat and Kitten Rescue. Stay tuned!

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